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Did I ask the team if I could post this? No. Its more of a "push to main" post than a "get a review" post (update: I don't have perms, so I'll just PR without any reviewers 😈). I won't share this blog anywhere, so if you've happened to come across it, I hope you enjoy the frog content.

I went to the Vancouver Aquarium last month (today is May 7th), and I'm back-dating this post to then. I saw some frogs, and since Rivet's mascot is a frog named Greg, I thought it would be very on-topic to write a post with some of the frogs I saw.

Frog 3Frog 4

These first frogs were very easy to find, which I imagine isn't great for their stealth stat. Clearly they got a premium skin from lootboxes, which tells you a lot about them as a player. For those who are asking, yes, these kinds of skin are pay to win, since they add the "poisonous" effect to attacks. Not a great look in 2024, F tier.

Frog 5Frog 8

These next frogs were hard to find, which puts them in the spawn-camping catagory of player. We can tell that they've spec'd into farming XP with this build, so I'd put their loadout in A tier.

Frog 6Frog 7

Finally, we have some red frogs. I'm a very big fan of red, so I can relate a lot with them. Easy S tier. The one on the right was also well-hidden, though this is more just because it was vibing in the dark rather than using any camo abilities.

In conclusion, to answer my thesis in the title image: yes, frogs are forever.

Frog 1