Affordable for small studios & scalable for large studios.
Always predictable pricing.

  • Fixed price suitable for indies & hobbyists
  • 6 Flex servers included
  • Supports US (Los Angeles), EU (Frankfurt), and Asia (Tokyo)
$29/mo + usage
  • $29/mo credits included
  • Supports 8 regions
  • No CCU or MAU limits
  • Self host on your own servers
  • Bring your own hardware
  • Enterprise support available
Get up to $120k credits with Akamai RISE

Included for Free

DDoS Mitigation
Usually $10/server/mo
No downtime deploys & instant rollbacks
Usually $40/mo
Version history for rollbacks
Usually $9/user/mo
Log & metrics aggregation
Usually $0.50/server/mo
Automatic SSL for WebSockets & TLS
Crash reporting
Usually $26/mo
Automatic geographic routing

Plus backend modules

See all modules →

Usage Estimator

Rivet autoscales your game servers on-demand.

Server Type
Coming Soon
Server Hardware
Max Active Servers
Price per server
CPU Cores
1 shared core
919 MB
750 GB
Clock Speed
Up to 2.0 GHz base, 3.675 GHz boost
More hardware configurations coming soon.
Bandwidth limit pooled across all servers.
$0.05/GB for bandwidth overages.
Estimate with autoscaling
Studio plan
Based on real world data. May vary for your game.

Predictable & Affordable

Pay for what you use

Servers are created & destroyed on-demand to meet user demand. Great for playtesting through games at scale.

Bot & DDoS mitigation

Bots & DDoS attacks commonly drive up costs. Mitigate these out of the box.

Usage Limits

Enforce maximum number of servers & maximum spend to avoid surprises.


Immediately be notified of surprise usage. Coming soon.

No CCU or MAU Limits

Rivet only charges for the resources you use, not convoluted metrics like CCUs & MAUs.

Open-Source Self Hosting

Rivet Cloud is the best place to host your game, but you can always host it yourself if needed.

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Level Up With Rivet
and get back to game development
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Open-source multiplayer infrastructure. Easy, flexible, and affordable.

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