This game is multiplayer

The Only Backend Your Game Needs

Supports Godot, Unity, Unreal Engine, HTML5, and Custom Engines.
Open-Source & Self-Hostable.

Game Servers & Peer-to-Peer

Low-latency, free DDoS mitigation
Autoscaling & instant servers
Monitoring & crash reporting
Supports TCP, UDP, WebSockets, & more

Matchmaking, Lobbies, & Parties

Supports casual, competitive, MMO, and turn-based
Supports server-authoritative, P2P, and async multiplayer
Works with existing multiplayer

Accounts, Friends, & Presence

Email, username, and OAuth support
Support social logins including Google, Twitch, Discord, and more
Display friends online & join lobbies

100% Modular & Scriptable

Pick and choose modules to use
Easily write server-side logic
Database included for free
Realtime functionality with actors

...and so much more

Game Saves
Rate Limit

Included for Free

DDoS Mitigation
Usually $10/server/mo
No downtime deploys & instant rollbacks
Usually $40/mo
Version history for rollbacks
Usually $9/user/mo
Log & metrics aggregation
Usually $0.50/server/mo
Automatic SSL for WebSockets & TLS
Crash reporting
Usually $26/mo
Automatic geographic routing
Other services ~$259.50/mo
Rivet $0.00

Some of the games that Rivet

play hours

Rivet works with your game engine and networking framework.

Our commitment to open-source

Everyone who works at Rivet has shipped a multiplayer game. We've all experienced how much time & money is required to ship a game, and how much harder it is to maintain it.

We refused to use closed-source solutions that locked us in and failed to grow alongside our use cases, so we always opted to build solutions ourselves. To build the tool we needed, we knew it had to make it radically open-source.

The future of game development is open-source and we're here to lead the way.

Permissive License (Apache 2.0)
Audit security
Optionally self-host on-premise
100% crustacean-certified Rust
Trust no-one, own your backend
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Level Up With Rivet
and get back to game development
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Open-source multiplayer infrastructure. Easy, flexible, and affordable.

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