Launch Week 1, Day 2: TLS+TLS & UDP support in Game Guard

Competitive multiplayer games frequently use UDP sockets and many casual games rely on TCP sockets so they don't have to worry about packet loss.

Previously, Rivet Game Guard supported proxying WebSocket traffic. Starting today, Game Guard also proxies TCP+TLS & UDP traffic out of the box using the same, easy-to-use APIs provided out of the box.

This provides DDoS mitigation out of the box to your game sockets no matter the protocol you use.

LS support

Additionally, Rivet Game Guard enhances TCP socket security with automatic SSL/TLS termination here. Now you can get the benefits of TLS certificates without the hassle of frequently updating them.

What about WebRTC, ENet, and KCP?**

These protocols are also supported by Game Guard, since these protocols are all built on top of TCP & UDP under the hood.

How do I add support?

Adding TCP+TLS & UDP support is as easy as setting protocol to udp, tcp_tls, or tcp.

Version config

Learn more about all of Rivet's supported protocols here.