Launch Week 1, Day 3: Matchmaker & Identity Analytics

Game developers frequently launch their games flying blind. Basic questions like what game modes do players really like, are players inviting friends to play organically, and how long are players retained for often go unanswered.

Starting today, Rivet Analytics provides tools to answer these questions with no extra work required.

Rivet Analytics

How does it work?

Rivet Analytics hooks in to existing matchmaker & identity events to give you deeper insight in to your game without forcing you to take the time to integrate a 3rd party library.

What about HTML5?

If you're publishing games to web, the majority of your users likely use ad blockers that block analytics tools, which means you're only seeing a fraction of your users' behavior. Rivet Analytics offers the benefit of giving you 100% accurate numbers on to your game's performance since it uses information from the API endpoints you already use.

Should I be worried about privacy?

Unlike many analytics tools, Rivet's business model is built around providing you the best services possible to build your multiplayer game. Rivet Analytics is built solely to give you insight on user behavior within your game. We don't buy or sell data that would betray both your trust and your users' trust.