Right arrow between Colyseus Arena and Rivet

Colyseus Arena End of Life: Migrating to Rivet & Official Colyseus Plugin

Nathan Flurry
Co-founder & CTO

Sadly, Colyseus Arena was shut down with 48 hours notice to developers. (Deadline of March 31st.) For those that aren't familiar, Colyseus Arena was a managed hosting service for the open source Colyseus JavaScript multiplayer framework.

Colyseus Arena has a lot of rich multiplayer games running on it, so we threw together an official Rivet plugin for Colyseus developers to keep their games up and running.

The Rivet plugins for Colyseus are linked below:

You'll need to join our closed beta in order to access Rivet's services. If you list your game engine as Colyseus, we'll jump you to the front of the line.

If you are migrating a game to Rivet, please join our Discord so we can help you accelerate the process!

We hope that people continue to build games with the open source Colyseus framework in the future and that Rivet helps keep building multiplayer games accessible.