June 2023 Monthly Update

We are excited to announce our June update for Rivet we have worked on over the past month.

Open Source

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We have made all of Rivet open-source, so anyone can now build a multiplayer game using Rivet. We believe anyone building on top of infrastructure should be open-source for the following reasons:

Community-driven development

Gaming and game development have always been strongly community driven. Community-driven game dev resources like the Unity Asset Store, Sketchfab, Itch.io, Discord bots, Steam Workshop, and Roblox prove this.

Off ramps

Gaming infrastructure companies have a long history of being acquired or shutting down, leaving game developers to clean up the mess. At Rivet, we see it as our responsibility to provide assurances for games running on Rivet.

Customized use cases

Rivet is built to be as flexible as possible, but there will always be use cases we can't foresee – especially in gaming.

Enterprise accessibility

Large game development studios invest a lot of money in games with relatively small margins. Risking choosing the wrong tool for the job can have dire consequences.

Financial accessibility

Unlike many other industries, game developers often have to live off scraps to bootstrap launching their game or want to develop a game as a cheap side project. Anyone who's been there knows that feeling of worrying about even an extra $10/mo.

New Website

We have updated our website with a fresh new design and a playable Rivet demo on the home. The website has a larger emphasis on docs and learning examples to get started.

Developer Docs

We have also updated our developer documentation to include more examples, better layouts, and lay the groundwork for future iterations and improvements.

We would love to hear your feedback and have you as apart of our community. Join our Developer Discord here.