Types of tokens

Rivet heavily relies on different types of tokens for controlling access to the API. Token are portable and flexible, which lets you use our API in whatever way works best for your project. Tokens often contain information about who is making the request, such as the player ID or the game namespace.

The token label is the text before the first . in the token. For example, in the token player.eyJ0eXAi.foo.bar, the label is player.

Rivet tokens are a variation on the JWT spec that uses Protobufs under the hood & include a label to help you identify the token. We don't provide a public way of inspecting the token at the moment.

Read more at https://rivet.gg/docs/general/errors/token/invalid.


Namespace Public

Label: pub_{your namespace id}

Namespace Development

Label: dev_{your namespace id}


Matchmaker Lobby

Label: lobby

Matchmaker Player

Label: player

Matchmaker Development Player

Label: dev_player



Label: cloud

Label: device


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