Flexible matchmaker for placing players in lobbies with no wait times.

The Rivet Matchmaker is a casual matchmaker optimized to get your player connected to your game server in under a second in the optimal region & lobby.


See the rivet.yaml reference for the full list of matchmaker configuration options.


To integrate your servers to the Rivet Matchmaker system, you need to call these three endpoints in your server code.

And don't worry about notifying the matchmaker if your lobby closes or crashes, that gets taken internally by the Dynamic Server system. Although if you want to manually tell the matchmaker to stop letting in new players, you can call the matchmaker.lobbies.setClosed endpoint.

Connecting to lobbies

Once integrated, you can call the following endpoints to find and join available lobbies in your client code.

If you want the client to be able to create a whole new lobby (for things like private games), you can also use the matchmaker.lobbies.create endpoint.

Getting other lobby info

Additionally, you can make use of these endpoints to get more information about your game’s lobbies.

The Rivet Matchmaker is tightly integrated with Dynamic Servers to automatically boot lobbies on-demand when players need them. Read more about how Rivet Dynamic Servers operates your game servers here.

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