Handling game tokens

All Rivet API clients accept a token parameter upon initialization. This token is used to identify:

  • What game & namespace the lobby or game client belongs to and
  • What your API client is allowed to do.

For example:

import { RivetClient } from "@rivet-gg/api";
const RIVET = new RivetClient({ token: process.env.RIVET_TOKEN });

This document will talk about handling public, matchmaker lobby, and development tokens for your game.

Server-side lobby tokens

All lobby servers running on Rivet are automatically provided a unique lobby token in the RIVET_TOKEN environment variable. No extra work is required.

Public namespace tokens

If you are building an HTML5 game, skip to tokenless authentication for web.

To connect to your game, you need to generate a public namespace token. Do that by navigating to Developer > My Game > API > Create Public Token.

Create public token

This token needs to be included with the game client.

Tokenless authentication for web

Rivet can authenticate web browsers without any tokens by what domain API requests are sent from. In this case, no token needs to be provided at all to the API client.

See here for more details.

Development tokens

When developing your game locally, you can still use the Rivet API by using development tokens. These act as real tokens whenever possible and return mock responses when needed.

See here for more details.


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