Adding a custom root domain

Problem: CNAME at the root

When adding a custom domain to Rivet, you need a CNAME record to be pointed at your domain.

This works fine for subdomains, like However, many domain registrars don't support adding a CNAME record at the root (i.e. @ records), like

Solution 1: Redirect to www

If your domain registrar supports setting up redirects, it's common to redirect from the root domain to the www subdomain.

  1. Add to the Rivet CDN
  2. Set up a redirect from the root (i.e. @) to

See the guides below:

Solution 2: Add your site to Cloudflare

Cloudflare supports CNAME records at the root through CNAME flattening. Adding your site to Cloudflare will let you add a CNAME record to your root domain without any extra work.

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