Allow identities to authenticate and play with friends across multiple games.

Rivet Identities are used to uniquely identity users. Rivet Identities can work as an entire account system, but are built to work with existing account systems.

Rivet Identities include the following features:

  • Presence
  • Activity
  • Following/friends
  • Chat
  • Groups
  • Parties
  • Fuzzy search

To integrate Rivet Identities:

  • identity.setup: creates a new identity and returns a token used for future API requests; this token can be stored in your existing account database
  • (optional): returns realtime updates for the identity such as party updates, chat messages, and more
  • identity.links.prepare (optional): starts the linking process for connecting the Rivet Identity to the Rivet Hub

When integrating Rivet Identities, we provide an identity token. You can use that token to integrate with existing account systems.

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